In our new graphic, we're featuring the Honda Civic Si from 1986 and 2017 to showcase how much the front end of this iconic vehicle has evolved over the years (in particular, the headlights and grille).

Honda civic evo

While car design changes are often subtle from year to year, you can see that the Civic Si underwent some significant changes. For example...

  • 1988 - The headlights are much slimmer.
  • 1992 - Notice the rounder lights and indicators.
  • 1999 - Check out those sharp angles.
  • 2006 - See the narrower headlights again with a chunky grille.
  • 2012 - There is a wild departure in design. The honeycomb grille can't go ignored.
  • 2017 - Back to a thicker grille and smoother look.

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