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Terms and Conditions of Sales, Shipping & Returns, Orders, Services and Use
  1. Sales Process at CorSport
  2. Pricing
  3. Conditions of Sales
  4. Returns
  5. Cancelled / Refunded Orders
  6. Stock Status
  7. Damaged Shipments
  8. FREE Shipping Offer
  9. Price Match Guarantee
  10. Refusals of Shipments
  11. Special Orders
  12. Gift Certificates and Store Credit
  13. Shortages/Back Orders
  14. Warranty/Liabillity
  15. Performance Products
  16. Contingencies
  17. Installations

Q: Sales Process at CorSport

Here at CorSport, when you order parts from us, we typically have them shipped either from our offices, or from one of a few warehouse distribution locations, or from the manufacturer with shipping directly to you without coming through CorSport at all. We leave open a variety of options to fulfill every individual part of your order at the lowest possible prices in the quickest possible amount of time. Because of this system we are typically able to deliver all your favorite parts in a timely and professional manner, including those rare parts. Anytime something requires a wait, you can be sure, with our history of 55,000+ orders that you will receive each of your items in the absolute fastest manner that the current market inventory and manufacturer production can possibly provide. Parts are shipped immediately and typically are shipped individually as they arrive and/or become available. Orders with multiple parts from multiple brands are almost always shipped separately. International orders are typically collected before shipping from CorSport depending on vendor stock and products ordered.

No cancellations, at all, of any order, once it has been placed. If you are NOT sure on stock or what you want, please use our stock check or ask us questions, the listed items on our site are not always in stock, we have a catalog of 30,000+ parts from 100+ vendors, we list everything they make, when we find out something is no longer available at all, we will offer you the choose of store credit or another item before a refund. Be sure to always ask questions and check stock about what you are interested in first. We are an ordering service for all of the best parts of the industry, not a live inventory.

Q: Pricing

Product descriptions or pricing are subject to change at anytime without prior notice, at the sole discretion of us.

If in case a product is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error, an error in pricing update or otherwise, Corsport USA shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that product(s) listed.

Corsport USA shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and the User's credit card charged. If the credit card has already been charged, shall issue a credit to the User's credit card account in the amount of the charge.

Q: Conditions of Sales

All orders placed with CorSport, Inc. constitute the acknowledgment and acceptance of all conditions listed within these terms and conditions and any others listed on www.CorSportUSA.com.

CREDIT CARD ORDERS can only be shipped to a VERIFIED and MATCHED BILLING ADDRESS-- NO EXCEPTIONS. Use PayPal with a confirmed and verified secondary shipping address if you need to ship elsewhere.

All sales are final, this means no cancelations and no returns on all products sold by CorSport, Inc. (the seller). All items are sold "as was provided by manufacturer" to the buyer. All products remain the property of CorSport, Inc. until payment is completed and made in full, this includes during chargeback and dispute proceedings while the money has been removed from our bank. Cancellations of orders are not permitted. All orders may not be cancelled and will not be shipped until all payments are made in full.

Q: Returns

Returns are accepted under certain conditions, see our return policy for details.

Q: Cancelled / Refunded Orders

Cancelled orders, are ONLY when the item is discontinued or out of stock for an extended period of time (longer than 8 weeks), will be refunded by us as quickly possible. Typically this process usually takes 24-72 business hours but can (at times) take up to 1-4 weeks for the returns department to issue the refund. Also, YOUR OWN BANK will take at least 3-14 days to show the credit after we issue it. For ALL orders that are cancelled by CorSport, a 5% cancellation fee applies without exception, this charge will cover the costs we incur when we both process and return your payment(s).

Q: Stock Status

An item being listed on our website does NOT indicate in-stock status, it indicates our ability to get said item. Stock status must be checked (using the check stock button on the items page or by using the contact us page) prior to ordering if you are not ok with a potential wait as cancellations due to unexpected wait times are not accepted.

Q: Damaged Shipments

Inspect your package carefully while the delivery company is STILL PRESENT AND ON SITE. Be sure to note ANY PROBLEMS OR DAMAGE PRIOR to signing for (or accepting) the delivery. Receiving the item will act as confirmation that the item was received in expected condition. Even if the package appears to be in good condition, open it immediately and check for hidden damages. If a damaged part is received be sure the shipping company is notified before informing CorSport, Inc. Be sure to contact both parties within 24 hours of receipt. Damaged shipments REQUIRE that the delivery companies confirmation was MARKED as damaged by YOU, the customer.

Q: FREE Shipping Offer

Our FREE shipping applies to items priced with shipping included and is only available to packages shipping withtin the continental United States. All other locations will be checked out with FREE shipping and the shipping fees will be dealt with on a case by case basis manually by a CorSport staff member. All non continental USA shipment payments must be received and completed before the item is shipped to the customer.

Q: Price Match Guarantee

If you find a better price on any of our products, we'll match it!


  • Must be a publicly advertised price, and product must be available for immediate sale
  • Can not be a close-out item, opened box, or discontinued
  • Must be the same exact product (same part number, same color, etc)
  • Price match includes comparison of total costs (excluding tax). If, for example, another retailer offers a part at a steep discount, but then charges for shipping, the total cost of buying the part including shipping will be the basis for comparison
  • Price match guarantee is not retroactive

If you have questions, please contact us.

Q: Refusals of Shipments

Refusals of any Shipments will forfeit all payments made, all rights to the purchase and all ownerships of the customers payment and parts. You will be held responsible for the items full cost, the shipping costs from a refused shipment back to our facilities. A refusal of a shipment shall constitute that the customer is forfeiting their purchased item(s) and any and all payment(s). CorSport has this protection is place as we cannnot always get items that have been refused back, and because the customer has cost us additional funds. No claim may be made by the customer to the money paid for the item or the item itself, CorSport uses said money to pay for the loss of the refused shipments shipping and financial loss incured by the process forced upon us after a refusal of shipment takes place. Simply put you will lose the parts and the money if you refuse shipments.

Q: Special Orders

All special orders, like all in-stock orders, require the full payment upon ordering, we will notify you during a phone order or contact you via email after a web order is made to clarify the item is special order and verify you want to wait for that particular item. Wait times on special order parts can vary immensely, sometimes weeks, sometimes months and in some cases up to a year or more for back ordered internationally origininating parts. If a cancellation occurs by the buyer for any reason during that wait time, the full payment is forfeited. CorSport, Inc. is not liable for late shipments. Shipping dates are approximate. Buyer shall not be entitled to chargebacks, reductions in price, and/or other offsets, as a result of a late shipment(s) or failure to deliver in the approximated delivery date or timeframe. No exchanges, refunds, or store credit will be issued on any special order item, all sales are final.

Q: Gift Certificates and Store Credit

Gift Certificates and Store Credit will expire and will not be redeemable one year from the date of purchase or the date the credit was issued.

Q: Shortages/Back Orders

If an item is placed on back order status it will considered special order and the item will be shipped immediately upon its renewed availability.

Q: Warranty/Liabillity

All merchandise sold by CorSport, Inc. is only subject to manufacturers warranty and conditions. CorSport, Inc. gives no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. CorSport, Inc. is not liable for any damages, which are incurred directly, or indirectly on the vehicles or operators or passengers of the vehicles. This includes problems or damage arising from the correct or incorrect installation of any product we sell.

Q: Performance Products

CorSport, Inc. is engaged in selling after-market items. The buyer understands and accepts the ramifications for installing and owning performance and/or after-market vehicle parts. CorSport, Inc. is not accountable for any misconception or disappointments associated with any sold parts. All engine, exhaust, performance, and modification parts are legal for off road use only.

Q: Contingencies

CorSport, Inc. is not liable for any failure to produce a product to a buyer when the cause of such failure is an act of nature, labor dispute, supplies or material shortages; acts of local, state, national, civic or other authorities of public agencies, utility or communication failures, accidents, strikes, transportation problems, or any act or cause does not normally occur in the ordinary course of sellers business.

Q: Installations

All installations will be done in a timely manner. All parts removed from vehicles, will be returned to the vehicle owner unless otherwise noted or communicated. Any part left by the vehicle owner at CorSport, Inc. premises for over 30 (thirty) days will be considered property of CorSport, Inc. Buyer will indemnify and hold CorSport, Inc. harmless from all liabilities with buyers vehicle, which would inhibit seller from doing the install or said work, it will be at CorSports option to get needed parts for buyer at buyers expense. CorSport, Inc. will not be liable for any loss, damage, or theft of vehicles or articles left inside the vehicle while CorSport, Inc. has possession of buyers vehicle.