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2000-2005 Honda S2000 Hondata K-Pro 4 Programmable ECU


The KPro4 consists of a hardware modification to certain K-Series ECUs, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors.
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You can reprogram your 2000-2005 Honda S2000 ECU and datalog sensors by installing the KPro4 and making hardware modifications to specific K-Series ECUs. Windows software makes reprogramming easy. These aftermarket parts amplify the performance of your S2000.

Hondata manufactures the KPro4, which is the fourth generation board that consists of a more powerful processor, faster uploads and enhanced on board datalogging. You can tune it live or use the autotune feature. The KPro4 comes with Bluetooth integration, dash outputs, ethanol sensor input, advanced protection and support for a closed loop wideband. Performance parts like the KPro4 boost power from your Honda S2000.

The KPro4 can perform more tasks without slowing down your ECU. Uploads from your laptop for calibration and datalogging are much faster, too. With live tuning, you can update your main tables in real time, and that means dyno tuning without stopping to upload.

NOTE: Previous versions of the KPro include the following:

  • KPro3 – red board
  • KPro 2 – green board serial #4111 onward
  • KPro Original – green board up to serial #4111

At 64Mbit, there's double the datalogging memory in the KPro4 as the KPro-3. It can also datalog at 100 Hz for an onboard recording time of anywhere between 10 and 220 minutes. That's twice the rate of the KPro-3 . It uploads at 30% faster speeds than the KPro-3 and has an initial upload of around 7 seconds. Other uploads are also faster and you can get instantaneous updates for live tuning. You cannot ask for more than that from performance parts.

You can connect an ethanol sensor directly to the KPro4, which allows flex fuel operations while automatic adjustments are made to the fuel and ignition tables based upon the content of the fuel ethanol.

You can connect your speed sensor to the KPro4, which eliminates the need for a stock speed sensor.

You get serial output that allows you to drive the dash from the Kpro4. It supports generic CAN, AiM MXL and Racepak.

The KPro4 comes with a built-in adapter harness that requires you to make some modifications to the sensors on your Honda S2000.

The KPro4 fits inside the ECU and is designed and assembled in the USA. It also features the following:

  • USB connection adds compatibility and speed to uploads
  • The KManager Windows based software makes datalogging, parameter and table editing, and calibration uploading quick
  • Built-in calibrations to suit many common engines
  • Adjustments for different sized injectors, with overall fuel trim
  • TPS based table lookup for ITBs
  • Built-in datalogging to a laptop
  • On board datalogging memory (8 MB memory, 10-215 minutes datalogging)
  • Configure any MAP sensor to 5 Bar and above
  • Launch control with anti-lag
  • Protects the engine from over boost, low oil/fuel pressure and lean air fuel ratios
  • Three multipurpose outputs for nitrous control or similar
  • Expanded fuel and ignition tables, both in rpm and load, to 60 lbs boost and 11,000 rpm (these are not the upper limits)
  • Alternate speed sensor input
  • Auto tuning and live tune
  • Supports lambda tracing from the stock wideband o2 or aftermarket wideband.
  • PWM output for boost control
  • Dash output serial & CAN streams
  • Support for Bluetooth and Hondata mobile app
  • Ethanol sensor input for flex fuel capability

The KManager editing software lets you make the following adjustments:

  • On board datalogging trigger conditions
  • Three general purpose outputs for quad boost control, nitrous control or similar
  • Closed loop
  • Closed loop control
  • Fuel and ignition correction based on gear
  • Air temperature compensation
  • Adjustable boost cut with hot and cold settings
  • MAP sensor type and calibration
  • Adjustable idle speed
  • Adjustable VTEC window with load and throttle control
  • Launch control with anti-lag
  • Rev limiter with fuel cut
  • Fuel trim for starting, individual cylinder trim and throttle tip in
  • Injector size fuel trim
  • High and low speed 16 x 20 ignition and fuel tables at multiple cam angles for correct VTEC and VTC tuning

Notes about the Application

With the KPro4, you get base maps for the following engines: K20A3 Civic SI, K20A3 RSX base, K20A2 and the K20A. You can use the 2002- CRV ECU 5-speed PPA –A0# ECU. There's support for the manual K20A3 motor and a secondary intake runner like what is used in the base RSX and CRV.

There is no support for the fuel tank pressure sensor in the Japanese PRD and PRC ECU.

The reverse lock solenoid on the 6-speed transmissions won't work with the PNF, PPA and PND ECUs for 5-speed transmissions.

The K-Pro ECU doesn't work on automatic vehicles, and you cannot convert the automatic ECU to a manual transmission.

You need an adapter harness if you are using the K-Pro with a 2005-2006 RSX. You also need an 02-04 specially modified ECU must be modified for use. The primary O2 sensor from an 03-04 must be used, as well.

There is a 2-day turnaround time from the time it's received.

General Notes

The older ECUs were 2-dimensional tables consisting of engine speed and load. Newer ECUs have three dimensions consisting of speed, load and cam angle. The K-Pro ECU uses three dimensions to give you the most power and efficiency at every cam angle. Tables can be map-traced in real-time.

The stock JDM and the O2 sensor are wide-band and can read from 11.5:1 up to 30:1 AF ratios.

Race vehicles can have their OBDII features disabled. OBDII readiness status and error codes can be datalogged.

Dyno tuned base tables for the RSX Type S, RSX Base, Integra Type R and Civic SI engines are supplied.

The ECU can be plugged into your laptop via a USB port, so you don't need any other equipment or external programmer.

The main tables are updated in real-time, and the other tables and settings can be uploaded in seconds after you make your changes.

Should conditions ever become dangerous for your engine, the KPro4 can intelligently shut down your engine to avoid damage.

You can download Hondata software for free at hondata.com.

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